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Apr 23, 2019

B2B buyers are totally rational. Have you heard this MYTH?

We sat down with John Rougeux, VP of Marketing at SkyFii, on today’s episode of Marketing Mindshare to debunk this widespread myth.

When John first started his marketing career, he remembers putting a lot of focus behind what made his product so great. But he soon learned that’s not actually what B2B buyers are searching for. He told us, “when you look at how people make decisions, it’s usually first an EMOTIONAL decision and then comes the rationale used to justify that decision.”

When you buy a consumer product, whether you buy the right product or not is going to be on you. It’s typically not going to affect many people around you. But, when it comes to B2B, if you make the wrong decision, there are much larger ramifications. It can affect your boss, your company, your partners, your career, your promotion, etc. So that emotion is a lot stronger in the B2B space.

It’s not rational, but it’s true. Tune in to hear more from John on the right way to connect with your customers.